Cat and Dog Wall Sticker Bundle


Cat and Dog Wall Sticker Bundle
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Love the Cat and Dog Wall Stickers and Want Them All?

Get the bundle and save! Comes with all 6 designs.

Sleeping Cat -
Height: 16cm,width: 14cm ($9.97)
Black Puppy-  Height: 12cm,width: 11cm ($9.97)
Puppy-no tail- Height: 10cm,width: 13cm ($9.97)
Black Cat with eyes closed- Height: 13cm, width: 12cm ($9.97)
Black Cat    -  Height: 6cm, width: 14cm ($9.97)
White Cat    -  Height: 6cm, width: 14cm ($9.97) 

Total Value: $59.82

Yours today for only $44.99 (SAVE $15!)