Back Off English Bulldog Decal for Car


Back Off English Bulldog Decal for Car
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This English Bulldog Decal for your Car is easy and simple to install, and is waterproof and weather resistant for long lasting quality. It's one of our favorite English Bulldog Vinyl Decals, and we know you'll love it, too! It's about 5 inches tall and about 6 inches wide, so it's a great fit for almost anywhere on your vehicle! Order yours today...


Product Specs:

1 waterproof back off English Bulldog decal for Car.

2 color options to choose from: white and black (colors may vary). 
NOTE: White may appear silver- shines white at night because it's made of reflective materials.

Height: 12.6cm
Width: 15.2cm

Installation is quick & easy.
See full rear wiper decal installation instructions here. 

Please Allow 3-4 Weeks for Delivery.